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The Right to Privacy (article)

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Right to Privacy

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The modern "right to privacy" is frequently attributed to Warren and Brandeis' groundbreaking law review essay of that same name. Its initial purpose, according to Steven Childress, was to recognize, within the traditional common law, "a civil and non-contractual right of protection against invasions of privacy.".

But last year it was just a "Why Brandeis" optional essay in addition to your regular essay. If it's the former then nevermind, but if it's the latter then a good rule of thumb is that there is no such thing as an optional essay.

Brandeis University values academic integrity and takes strides to verify the validity of all application materials. The Admissions Committee continually evaluates and assesses the veracity of credentials; and when falsified application materials are discovered during the.

Brandeis University Application Essay Prompt. For International Students Only: Brandeis attracts students from many corners of the world. As an international student at Brandeis, how would you enrich the campus community? Your essay should evoke in the admissions officers an image of you on campus, pursuing your academic and extracurricular passions in a way that motivates other Brandeis students to further their own intellectual endeavors.

Some decades later, in a highly cited article of his own, Melville B. Nimmer described Warren and Brandeis' essay as "perhaps the most famous and certainly the most influential law review article ever written", attributing the recognition of the common law right of privacy by some 15 state courts in the United States directly to "The Right to.

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